This '90s Hip Hop Wedding Shoot Is The Bomb!

Written by Melissa Woods

Photography by Chloé Lapeyssonnie

One of the best things about starting this blog is connecting with so many AMAZING photographers from around the world. When French photographer Chloé Lapeyssonnie sent me this 90's hip hop inspired wedding shoot, I could not believe my eyes! 

This vibrant shoot was brought together by Chloe's kick-ass collective 'Kiss & The Gang' who have a joint vision of breaking breaking away from the 'expected' but still keeping things real... just what The Un-Wedding is all about.

The shoot features one of my favourite babes, French bridal designer Violette Tannenbaum, as the ultimate hip hop bride. Violette's personality exudes romance, elegance and fun, so she really is perfect in this role.

So achingly authentic and full of awesome details... be prepared to be inspired in a million different ways.

''At Kiss & The Gang, we're all in our 30s and we felt it was time to indulge ourselves in a little "old school" 90s trip.... And what's more '90s than the 'hip hop y'don't stop' vibe to resuscitate this beloved decade?!'' 

'' We also wanted to send out the message to future brides and grooms who felt that the overwhelming "shabby chic" trend was not for them, that there is another way to get married in style!

Violette and her husband Abdou, a former hip hop singer; were an obvious choice to embody the urban, stylish and fun couple we had in mind for this hip hop wedding.''

''We added all the typical 90s hip hop wedding markers... a neon arch... a dance battle at the end of the ceremony... some double dutch during cocktail hours...''

One of my personal favourite features of this shoot has to be the cassette tape wall for guests to sign in place of the traditional guest book... such a cool idea for this hip hop wedding and definitely one that could be incorporated into a modern DIY wedding.

I guess when you pick a theme that you are passionate about then the possibilities of what you can do, become endless.

Kiss & The Gang have definitely ticked all of hip hop's boxes when it comes to attention to detail. How 'bout these graffiti invites and mix tape favours for an added layer of authenticity and originality?

All in all this shoot not only captures the essence of an era, but also of a bloody good wedding... style, music, dancing, cocktails and one hell of a cute couple! 

See the full gallery below! 

Event/Wedding designer: Mel - Never Too much ( 

Wedding dress designer: Marie - La Belle Bobine (  

Stationery: Jess - My Dear Paper (   

DJ: Vincent - Dance Police (  

Photographer: Chloé Lapeyssonnie ( 

Videographer: Greg - Vidéo Partner (  

Venue: Pavillon du Docteur Pierre – Nanterre (thanks to Clément, form the Soukmachines collective)

Models: Violette Tannebaum, and her husband Abdou, Alain Mbouche photographer, Lili, Emilie et Bastien

MUA: Mathilde Le Texier

Double Dutch:  Jeu 2 Cordes

Breakdance: Thomas Bueno & Gaël Zebut “Arts2Corps” 

Graffiti: Fabien Courmont

Anyone else planning a 90s hip hop wedding?... or any other era? I'd love to hear more in the comments below! As always, please like and share this with any modern couples looking for some un-wedding inspiration! 

Love Forever



5 Of The Best Instagrams To Follow Right Now!

INSTAGRAM is a great way for me to fill the cracks in between #mumlife... #dreamwife... and #workfromhomelife.

I'm filling in a crack right now just by talking about it. I have a directory that I reeeeeeeally need to sort out...    (watch this space)   ... and some features to write, but IG is just so ADDICTIVE.

I've had a successful week in the vortex, made AWESOME connections with like-minded souls... not bad for someone who only leaves the house to do the nursery run... if I can help it. 

Here are the 'BIG 5' accounts that have been making my eyes happy lately. Go check 'em out!

# 1 @daisyemerson

UBER talented and super-cute Daisy is an illustrator and sign writer with an eye for colour and typography. Daisy's perfectly painted words are EXACTLY what my eyes want to see.... so much positivity. This is a real 'feel good' account. I love how Daisy captures her work from lots of interesting angles. Such a babe. Go check her out!

# 2 @wedding_visuals

This is an account that I have been following for a while and liking the hell out of I think we might share the same brain when it comes to interpreting fresh bridal ideas. If you like my account, you will definitely love this one. 

# 3 @dfreske

I follow lots of photographers on IG, but LA based Derrick Freske has to be my favourite. I love how he uses the light, weather and colours to capture teenagers in America. I always wanted to be a teenager in America.

# 4 @milkmakeup

Pretty much the FRESHEST make up inspiration that I have seen for a long time. High concept, low maintenance... that's what it's all about. I have yet to try their products... what the hell is wrong with me? 

# 5 @tony_farfalla

Tony Farfalla is a Brooklyn based artist. His works spans a range of mediums, my favourite being his photographic stories. I'm particularly drawn to paranormal nature of some of his images. They remind me of books I used to read when I was younger about poltergeists and spontaneous human combustion. Yes, I'm weird.

Hope you enjoy my recommendations. I'd love to know who's giving you the feels in Instagram right now? As always, feel free to comment below or like, share, pin.... whatever....

Love Forever