An Editorial For The Bride Who Rides

When it comes to bridal styling, the Aussie's have got it down. Never afraid to show who they truly are, even if that means getting on a skateboard in a wedding gown. Who says you can't? This super-sexy-cool editorial is for the bride who rides.


' One Day Bridal are known for pushing the boundaries in bridal....

... So when Creative Director Kyha had a vision of her gowns moving against concrete boundaries and a muse on a skateboard, she knew she had to bring it to life.

Showcasing a selection of gowns from CHOSEN and ONE DAY, each gown has been selected to demonstrate delicate fabrics and intricate designs, baring their souls to our muse.

Working with renowned photographer Emily Abay there was no other option for our skater muse other than Elyse Knowles and the extremely talented Monica Gingold created a distinctive editorial look. '


Gowns: Chosen and One Day (@chosenbyoneday @onedaybridal)

Photographer: Emily Abay (@emilyabay_photograher

Model: Elyse Knowles (@elyseknowlzy)

Hair and Make Up: Monica Gingold (@monicagingold_beauty)

Creative Direction: Kyha and Steph of One Day (@K.Y.H.A @stephanie_onedaybridal)

You can see the full range fashion-focused wedding gowns here.

Even better, if you are a UK bride-to-be, we have an exclusive stockist of Chosen gowns at La Bespoke, Worcestershire.

If this editorial doesn't inspire you to zero fucks about pushing the boundaries on your wedding day then maybe we just can't be friends?

Are you a bride who rides? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to share this gold with anyone looking for inspiration that breaks away from the norm.

Love Forever