Hand Painted Leather Jackets For The Bohemian Bride

Written by Rachel Richardson

Images courtesy of Rosie Harbottle

Leather, weddings and all things botanical don’t tend to go hand-in-hand, but this creative super-woman threads all three together with unbelievable ease, creating the most beautiful hand painted leather jackets for the wild, bohemian bride.

Talk about talented; the woman behind the UK brand Wolf & Rosie combines artistry and fashion to deliver hand-painted leather jackets and wedding stationary, designed to bring out the wild child within.

Utterly feminine and ultra sassy, Rosie’s creations are incredibly eye-catching and distinct pieces of art, detailed with sentimental sayings, destined to bring elegance and edge to your bridal look.

I chatted to the lady behind the leather, to find out what keeps her so inspired. You can check out Wolf & Rosie in the Book Of Love - The Un-Wedding’s exclusive UK wedding supplier’s directory.

What inspired you to start Wolf & Rosie?

As a freelance illustrator, I wanted to create a separate brand for my wedding stationary.

It probably sounds very cheesy but the name was born out of mine and my boyfriend's love. I have always nicknamed my boyfriend Wolfy or Wolverine (mainly due to his beard and thick curly locks) and my name's Rosie.

Wolf & Rosie symbolises how I wish to portray my work, especially the leather jackets - feminine yet tough, for the wild bohemian bride!

Ambition is what drives a company. What is your personal ambition?

My ambition is to keep creating and work with lovely people!

I've been told I should expand and build the company but I've realised I need to retain a certain amount of freedom in order to keep me feeling inspired. I'm happiest and create the best work when I'm not stressed out with crazy deadlines so I now only take on a certain amount of commissions a year.

When I was first asked to paint a jacket for a bride, I was really into the idea and was so pleased with the result. I could never have imagined the response I've had from that first one back in October - thanks Kristina!

It's hard to say what's been the most rewarding moment as for me, the whole design process is rewarding. I pour my whole self into a project in order to get the most satisfaction out of it.

What are your TOP TIPS for British Brides-to-Be?

1. Create mood boards and gather inspiration to help you focus all of your ideas.

2. In my opinion, the most touching wedding's are when there are personal and unique touches.

3. Bespoke Stationery can really help to set the tone of your wedding and is a lovely keepsake of your special day.

4. Remember to get organised early on! Vendors of bespoke products can often be booked up a year in advance!

5. The photographer is one of the most important vendors of the day, in my opinion... Choose someone whose work best embodies your style.

AWESOME advice from the ever-so gorge Rosie at Wolf & Rosie for sharing her supplier story!




Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than these personalised hand painted leathers? For more information, check out the listing in the Book Of Love