I'm Melissa, thanks for checking THE UN-WEDDING.

CONGRATULATIONS if you are about to embark on the crazy journey that is marriage. I've loved every minute of it so far, even if things aren't always rosy.

People have a tendency to get sucked into the seriousness of life once they tie the knot and before you know it you have forgotten who you both were when you fell in love.

Be realistic. Don't expect everything to be perfect, that way you are less likely to be disappointed when it's not.

Enjoy learning from anything bad that happens knowing that it will make your relationship stronger... works for me.


My wedding

My wedding was AMAZING. I've loved my husband Ben ever since I met him in 1999, so marrying him really was a dream come true.

I wore an iconic Jenny Packham dress which was perfect for our setting, a beautiful church with stained glass windows like you have never seen. It was winter time and our ceremony was late in the afternoon as the darkness was setting in... just the way we wanted it.

Once the service was over, we ventured no further than a candle-lit crypt beneath the church. We ate delicious food and drank good wine (for a change)... lots of it.

Both 80's babies, we partied to a 'LOVE RITUAL' playlist that we had compiled together, featuring songs from our youth... all in majestic surroundings. It still feels surreal when I think about, but, truthfully... if I could do it all again differently, I would.

We tried to make it as personal as we could. I recall more than a few raised eyebrows at our decision not to have a cake and instead go for a savoury and rather medieval cheese platter instead.

My wedding day

We shunned fancy cars in favour of black cabs... it was London after all... We skipped flowers and used candles...  seemed much more suited to our gothic venue... I didn't even have a 'wedding' ring... I just chose a ring that I really loved and would be happy to wear forever.

Our decisions weren't just about cost saving, more about personal taste... If we didn't like something, we didn't have it, even if it was the done thing. That said, the day was still steeped in tradition and dare I say it... generic?... in places. We tried to break the mould, but most of the choices we made, were still within the parameters of what the 'wedding industry' had to offer which is often, unremarkable.

Your wedding day is not a day for being unremarkable... think about that.

Both Ben and I are creative people, but even with the best will in the world, it's easy to drown in a market that's saturated with ribbons and bows and ridiculously pointy satin shoes that no one should wear... EVER... just because someone, once upon a time decided that they are 'wedding' shoes. I dread to think how many hours of my life I've wasted trying to source some suitably 'un-wedding' shoes and I want to save others from the same frustrations.




After becoming a mum in 2012 leaving London in pursuit of a healthier work/life balance, I retrained as a Make Up Artist.

Based in a small town, my main market soon became bridal. I felt like I'd hit the jackpot when I'd get a fun bride who's head was exploding with original ideas, but sadly, these brides didn't come along very often and I was seeing the same thing over and over again.

Don't get me wrong, if vanilla is your thing then that's more than ok, but there is an exciting movement for the modern bride and groom these days with couples opting for more alternative wedding ceremony ideas.

Social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram offer a self-perpetuating world of imagination to people who are otherwise spoon-fed a diet of the same old, tired images from an outdated wedding industry.

When I see something AWESOME, I just want to share it in case it evokes something with someone who may never have seen it otherwise. I want to save other brides hours of trawling through the internet looking for ideas that don't necessarily exist under the guise of the common 'wedding industry'.

Look for inspiration everywhere and then you'll never be limited.

THE UN-WEDDING and Book Of Love directory promise to point cool brides towards the UK's coolest independent wedding suppliers, novel ideas, EPIC locations and mouth watering COLOUR palettes!

As the wedding industry evolves, so must it's suppliers. THE UN-WEDDING will be a source of fresh inspiration full of fun and wanderlust.

Let's take the wedding industry and turn it upside down!


Love Forever