Wearing White To Weddings Is Absolutely Fine! Who's With Me?

Written by Melissa Woods

It's the 20th Century! Wearing white to a wedding is absolutely fine!

A friend posted her concern about this on Facebook recently, accompanied by a picture of a pretty white summer dress that looked like perfect wedding guest attire.

I had completely forgotten that this was even 'a thing' and that anyone was still adhering to this 'etiquette'.

Let's not forget the whole bride in a big white dress was just a trend that stuck around after Queen Victoria did it in 1840. It's not really based on anything and prior to this, brides wore dresses of all colours.

Times have changed and even the most traditional bridal attire comes in a plethora of neutral hues... off white, ivory, champagne, rose pink... are all those colours out too when it comes to deciding what to wear to a wedding?

I definitely recall at least one of my guests wearing white at my wedding and I didn't care. It was quite clear that I was the bride as it would be in all cases, unless someone else turned up in a wedding dress and followed you up the aisle!

Anyone who judges your choice of attire as an attempt at thunder-stealing probably should have spent more time thinking about their own outfit. Who doesn't want to look great at a wedding, especially if you are splashing out on a new frock?

If you need reassurance, check with the bride. This is the only person who's opinion really matters on the day, but, you know what? I'm pretty sure she will have better things to think about than what other people are wearing and I've never heard of anyone being refused entry to a wedding for wearing white, have you?

There are enough rules in life, let's follow the ones that make sense and stop worrying about those that don't.

I'd love to know what you think about wearing white to a wedding? Please comment below and share with anyone who might benefit.

Love Forever




It's A Fact: Fashionable Wedding Shoes Really DO Exist!

Written by Melissa Woods

Photography by Jamie Coles

I know! It's hard to believe... but, I shit you not... just like faeries, fashionable wedding shoes really do exist!

I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled upon brand new, bridal shoe designer Florence who have literally just launched their stunning collection this week!

There I was, scrolling through Instagram, minding my own business when the bloomin' marvelous 'Jacko' trainers captured my heart, with all their pristine white-leather petal glory.

I'm a big fan of the bride in converse look, being as they NEVER leave my feet, and I'm all about comfort and being yourself on your wedding day. That said, we are seeing this look more and more these days so, this pretty alternative was so refreshing... comfortable and still girly.

The idea of wearing something special on your wedding day, that still has a place in your everyday wardrobe afterwards, is always a winner for me.

I began stalking @iamflorence on Insta and 'she' told me she was 'running round London in her Jackos and jeans'... amazing!... I could just see it.

Anyway, @iamflorence, 'she'... the elve and the shoemaker... turned out to be the adorable, Wendy Flynn, Founder of Florence. We have a mutual appreciation for the 'fashion forward' bride so I asked Wendy to share the story behind this modern and romantic bridal footwear brand, and oh, what a wonderful story it turned out to be!

'' When I was getting married, I struggled finding wedding shoes that I really loved.

I wanted something pale in colour and feminine, but not too girly or vintage, and I still wanted a fashion edge.

Having designed ladies shoes for the UK High Street for over a decade, it seemed stupid not to try and fill this gap myself... and so Florence was born.

Florence was my Nana's name, she was a feisty lady who was happily married to my grandfather for over 50 years. My wedding ring once belonged to her, and even though she is no longer with us I felt that using her wedding ring on my own special day included her somehow.

Naming my brand after her felt right, it conjures up personal feelings of a long happy marriage, independence, feminine strength and individuality. I feel that these are also the qualities that sum up a Florence bride.

Florence now has a small team working towards a common goal, creating a small, exclusive bridal brand that embodies individuality and elegance, whilst still staying fresh and on trend.

Our shoes are made to the highest quality in tiny batches and with a lot of love.''

There are 9 styles within the collection, including a range of bridal flats, court shoes and sandals depending on your individual style. You can see the full collection here.

Florence is currently only available from exclusive stockists. Find out your closest retailer here.

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