Light Up Letters Just Got A Whole Lot Better!

Written by Melissa Woods

images courtesy of bag&bones


Nothing says 'I LOVE YOU' like a like some great, big light up letters, and no wedding reception is complete without one them days.

... Or how 'bout something a bit more original, but just as romantic?...  'And so it begins...' ?... 'To the moon and back...' ?

... Not visualising it? Here you go...

This is the result when you cross a Scientist with an Aviation Lawyer... obviously. Both frustrated artists at heart, super-sisters Gigi and Cavanagh Foyle decided to brighten up our world with their playful light up signs by launching their quirky and eco-friendly neon lighting brand bag&bones earlier this year.

'' We started bag&bones because of our obsession with neon and our whole-hearted belief that it is a mood enhancing stimulant - turn bag&bones lights on and your world changes for the better. ''

Storming into the scene a mere 4 months ago, the girls have been lucky enough to work with some amazing British brands including Alexander McQueen, Habitat, Grazia, Stylist and Wilderness Festival. 

'' Taking inspiration from many aspects of London's various subcultures, including street art, graffiti, music and urban nightlife, bag&bones is all about offering ass-kickin' neon art for the ass-kickin' modern creative.''

Well girls, you can consider our asses well and truly kicked!

These wedding neon signs are available to hire and will light up your dance floor as well as your heart... (sorry, that bit kinda wrote itself) ...or, if you've got something else to say, you can talk to the girls about a custom order that you can keep forever! I have already started compiling a list in my head...

Alternatively, you may choose to opt for a statement piece as a gift or for your home. Find all the information and shop the full collection of AWESOME light up signs here.

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Wedding Neons, The Un-Wedding

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