Breathtaking Elopement Photography In Tenerife

Written by Hanna Elcock

Photography by Daze Of Glory

In true un-wedding style, these gorgeous love birds managed to pull off a low key yet breathtaking elopement in Tenerife that spanned over several days. Not following any of the usual wedding traditions, Justina and Vinny did things their way and boy! .. do the photographs look magical.

Originally from Lithuania, the couple first met in Northern Ireland whilst Justina was visiting a friend and Cupid struck his arrow. A romantic proposal was to follow whilst on a private gondola ride in Venice.

A girl after our own heart, Justina knew immediately that she didn’t want to follow the typical wedding traditions and they wanted to do things their way, keeping only the fun traditions such as not seeing each other before the big day!

The couple didn’t have bridesmaids or grooms men because they wanted everyone to be equal and deliberately kept the wedding party small and intimate with the people they loved most in the world.

Taking inspiration from Barefoot Bride, Justina had always dreamed of a low key wedding day full of romance, sunshine and beautiful scenery. Something we have to say she absolutely nailed! 

Following an intimate wedding ceremony in the UK to take care of the legal proceedings; the real fun began with an elopement to the beautiful island of Tenerife for an absolutely gorgeous photoshoot to celebrate their marriage. 

The breath taking Teide National Park was the incredible backdrop for the intimate wedding photographs that were captured by the ever talented photographer, Carla from Daze of Glory. The dreamy images have the feel of romance and wanderlust combined with magic and beauty. Carla’s use of light is like nothing we have ever seen!

The essence is very bohemian… lush trees, luscious landscapes with cliff edges and golden sand all lit up by the deep setting sun. Absolute bliss.

… And can we just take a moment to talk about THE DRESS?! Justina wore an absolutely stunning fitted 1920’s style short fringed white dress with intricate lace inserts from The shimmying of the fringing perfectly captures the care-free vibe of the day. We absolutely love the studded sandals she wore too, a perfect way to finish the look for this elegant and bohemian bride. Justina’s long dark blonde hair worn loose and slightly wavy glowing in the setting sun; an absolute show stopper of a bride. 

Driving along winding roads to the beautiful spot for their wedding shoot, the couple climbed down crumbling rocks to reach a cliff edge for the intimate location with the breath of the national park beneath them. This spot meant a lot to this gorgeous couple. They had visited before and Vinny was really hoping his memory would serve him right and draw them to the spot that meant so much to him. It did and the result is some of the most breath taking memories for the couple to treasure. 

Wandering further into Teide, exploring the dappled light and shadows and climbing more rocks… you gotta do what you gotta do to get that shot, right?! The low lying cloud offered the perfect backdrop for incredible photos of the day. As the sun set behind the mountains, the couple headed towards the edge of the cliff for the final moments of their day to be captured by Carla. The soft glow from the sun as it set shone on the lovebirds, who look so happy and in love in these epic shots. 

Afterwards the couple met with the small wedding party at a nearby hotel to enjoy the final celebrations of this perfect wedding. 

Wise words from Justina to any other couples about to have their day:

“Keep calm and enjoy every moment of planning because this is the time of both of your life, you can never repeat this.”

We hear ya. 

We love the idea of having multiple elements to your wedding and it spanning over several days as these guys did, why the hell not! Who says you only have to do it once! 

Photography: Daze Of Glory

Bride’s Dress:

Location: Teide