Wearing White To Weddings Is Absolutely Fine! Who's With Me?

Written by Melissa Woods

It's the 20th Century! Wearing white to a wedding is absolutely fine!

A friend posted her concern about this on Facebook recently, accompanied by a picture of a pretty white summer dress that looked like perfect wedding guest attire.

I had completely forgotten that this was even 'a thing' and that anyone was still adhering to this 'etiquette'.

Let's not forget the whole bride in a big white dress was just a trend that stuck around after Queen Victoria did it in 1840. It's not really based on anything and prior to this, brides wore dresses of all colours.

Times have changed and even the most traditional bridal attire comes in a plethora of neutral hues... off white, ivory, champagne, rose pink... are all those colours out too when it comes to deciding what to wear to a wedding?

I definitely recall at least one of my guests wearing white at my wedding and I didn't care. It was quite clear that I was the bride as it would be in all cases, unless someone else turned up in a wedding dress and followed you up the aisle!

Anyone who judges your choice of attire as an attempt at thunder-stealing probably should have spent more time thinking about their own outfit. Who doesn't want to look great at a wedding, especially if you are splashing out on a new frock?

If you need reassurance, check with the bride. This is the only person who's opinion really matters on the day, but, you know what? I'm pretty sure she will have better things to think about than what other people are wearing and I've never heard of anyone being refused entry to a wedding for wearing white, have you?

There are enough rules in life, let's follow the ones that make sense and stop worrying about those that don't.

I'd love to know what you think about wearing white to a wedding? Please comment below and share with anyone who might benefit.

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Have No Fear, Cool Bride Style Is Right Here!

Written by Melissa Woods

Images courtesy of Houghton

... In the form of HOUGHTON, an NYC based brand of handmade, ready to wear cool bride fashion that, thankfully, ship worldwide.

The brand was launched in 2012 by Designer and Creative Director, Katharine Polk, who, seamlessly blurs the lines between 'everyday' and 'wedding day' with her cool bride style designs featuring gowns and separates.

HOUGHTON embraces the fact that the current wedding market is changing as more brides want to dress with style.

The bridal collection offers something more accessible to the modern, fashion conscious cool bride who wants to be themselves on their wedding day.

Each piece is designed with style and comfort in mind using the finest materials sourced from around the world... extraordinary French lace, 100% silk, hand sewn embroideries, unicorn hair... ok, maybe not unicorn hair, but, you get the picture... ethereal materials aplenty.

Characteristically simple, each HOUGHTON design allows enough room to add your own personal touch... a cropped leather jacket, a statement necklace, your favorite pair of cons... whatever it may be, just be yourself!

I always felt like I could have worn my wedding dress again, a golden, 30's inspired, Jenny Packham number... to The Oscars or something?.. I didn't. I sold it... cos it was worth the price of a small island, but, a HOUGHTON piece could definitely be worn time and time again.

Taking the whole separates trend to a brand new level, HOUGHTON gives cool brides the chance to mix and match pieces according to their individual style.

The team are also on hand to work with overseas brides on customizing their orders without being able to come to the atelier (the wedding dress shop) in New York.

HOUGHTON are steadily earning their place on the top bridal designers list. As well as dressing cool brides the world over, HOUGHTON count Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie and Kate Hudson among their A List fans. Gowns that were designed with brides in mind have been donned at many a red carpet event, transitioning between occasions perfectly.

Katharine Polk and Jonesy

HOUGHTON is definitely one to watch for any UN-WEDDING girls seeking cool bride style on their big day. Find out more and see the full collection here.

Any NYC brides out there? I recommend you pop in for a spot of 'wedding dress up!' Help inspire others! If you know someone who will love HOUGHTON, please share this post!

All images courtesy of HOUGHTON.

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