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lucky pineapple

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The Lucky Pineapple bar is a spectacle - the first and only giant golden pineapple on wheels! A photo worthy feature to surprise & delight your guests. Serving boozy treats, we work with high quality suppliers of cocktails, prosecco & craft beer - all served on tap to ensure a super speedy serve, great presentation and more time for us to charm your guests! Hospitality and charming service is what Lucky Pineapple is all about.

Founder Hayley Simpson has over ten years experience working across operations, marketing & events in the hospitality industry with some of the UK’s most exciting restaurant and bar concepts. She has a passion for developing amazing entertainment offerings, as well as providing enthusiastic, genuine and detail driven service to clients and guests. Working with a team of experienced and outrageously charming Hawaiian shirted bartenders - your event is in the best hands when hiring the lucky pineapple!

Lucky Pineapple provides a host of add on services for extra fanciness and fun! From golden pineapple keep cups for your guests to use and take home; DJ equipment DJs; a frozen Pina colada machine; and some amazing entertainment options including Drag Queens or Boozy Bingo hosts!

Lucky Pineapple is currently in the workshop being lovingly and meticulously built. The devil is in the details and we’re building this pineapple to perfection. Just thinking about all the details we’re planning gives us all. the. feels! How the Summer sun and festoon lighting will reflect on the metallic gold exterior and twinkle in your eyes; the sumptuous House of Hackney Wallpaper lining our interior space and menu boards, complementing gorgeous green foliage and tropical plants; And of course - a stunning decorative back bar decked out with lucky talismans and tasteful trinkets. If you are hiring a spectacle bar like the Lucky Pineapple we know considered design and unique touches matter to you. Please use your imagination when viewing our current images - just know that we are building something beautiful, worthy of your special event!

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