meringue girls

- cakes + treats - 

The Meringue Girls story began in 2012 when founders Alex Hoffler and Stacey O'Gorman met working in a Hackney kitchen. 

Fast forward five years and not only do they have a third business partner, Sylvia Pearson, but Meringue Girls has grown to an amazing team of women who are ready to take over the sweet world, one meringue kiss at a time. 

With their own bakery in the bustling foodie hub of London's Broadway Market, they freshly bake all of their sweet treats - from the trademark meringue kisses, gluten free brownies, vegan bites, pavlovas and macarons.

All wedding cakes are bespoke and handmade, just the same as all the other goodies which are ideal for colourful dessert tables and favours . 

'' We love hearing about each couple's plan, and making something unique for their big day. ''

- London & Surrounding -

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