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- favours -

We’re changing the wedding favour game. Delivering an age old wedding tradition, in a stylised way. Creating inclusive wedding favours that you and your guests can collectively enjoy. A favour that can stand proudly along side all other wedding traditions. A way for you and your wedding guests to take your special day with them everywhere.

The product we provide is an enamel pin badge set on a backing card and presented to each guest as a wedding favour.

The pin badges are unique and bespoke to each couple. Generally, the design is a portrait of the couple with other elements included that are synonymous with them making it instantly recognisable to their guests. The designs are stylised and always bring the best out of the couple. We work closely with each of our couples to ensure we deliver the absolute best for them.

The backing card is perfect for presenting the pin to the guests and often includes a personal note and/ any ‘overspill’ design requirements I’m not able to include on the pin badge because of size constraints.

We put so much heart, time and effort into what we create for each couple. We have time for all of them. We get to know them personally to deliver something which we know they will love. Them loving what we create means so much to us that we’ll do everything to ensure they do.

We’re very fortunate that we have a unique product in an area of the industry that is flooded with generic ideas.

We feel as though we have something to suit any and every wedding and the product is something that each and every guest can enjoy.

Our product isn’t exclusive it’s inclusive. It’s unique. It’s bespoke. It’s modern. It’s quality. It’s putting favours on the map and I don’t think it can be rivalled in today’s market.

These wedding favours bring everybody at the wedding closer together. Couples now have their own wedding crew who are linked not only by the memories and photographs but also by the wedding favours.

I’m not sure if that makes us different to our competitors but its what gives us a good chance of standing out from them. Although, if my competitors are anything like us then thats no bad thing for the industry.