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The Wedding Enthusiast is me - hello!

I'm a London based wedding consultancy service who adores weddings. They're a culmination of everything I love: mind-blowing creativity, stunning styling, spending time with loved ones, endless lists and a great party! Who wouldn't want to play a part in all of that?

That's why I set up The Wedding Enthusiast, a service for couples looking for someone who is in 'the know' who can share in the pure magic of their day.

I'm lucky enough to ooze the enthusiasm, skills and have the contacts to give you the day you have dreamed of.

I work alongside THE BEST in the industry - my little peach book is bursting with cool vendors and insider knowledge and my experience is multi-faceted, like you, you shining diamonds! ✨ πŸ’Ž

I provide a bespoke service, providing assistance wherever you need an extra pair of hands. Whether it's styling and inspiration or finding the perfect suppliers to fit your brief. My industry experience spans everything from trend spotting to supplier liaison, event coordination and on-the-day set up.

The idea of a wedding planner usually conjures up images of J-LO-esque headsets, stern faces and spherical rose arrangements. I'm more a confetti, glitter and Arctic Monkeys kind of assistance. 

I'm super-excited to be a part of your BIG DAY! 

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- London & Yorkshire (or anywhere with heart & soul) -

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