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Sick of seeing films that start with a shot of shoes and the words “from the day we met I knew it was fate?”

Fed up of all the romantic, dreamy shit? Think staring off into the distance won’t be right for the KICK ASS PARTY you have planned? 
We’re the videographers of choice for the YouTube generation and our souls belong to weddings where the vibe is EVERYTHING.
If you’re forging a new path down a road paved with tradition there’s a good chance we should film your wedding – with a vibe that’s more at home in a music video than a party political broadcast.
Planning a modern NYC loft-inspired shindig, a tipi-tastic bash, windswept vows in the wilds of Scotland, a stylish as hell soiree in a Moroccan riad, or a kinfolk-boho gathering with ALL the macramé? We’ve got you.
We’re all about modern, fun wedding films that are just that bit cooler than the rest.

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