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Willow And Boo- Designers, Creators and suppliers of amazing lollipops, to brides, celebrity clients, beauty brands, corporate and events companies. 

We started making lollipops in 2014, which means we have now made A LOT of them, and know A LOT about them. 

We have taken that humble little lollipop and turned it into a thing of beauty. We use the finest ingredients including 24k gold, organically grown flowers, sprinkles, glitters and edible images, to make them bold, interesting, unique…… perfect!

We work very closely with our clients to ensure their ideas are transformed into the perfect lollipop. 

Over the years we have covered many different themes with bespoke requests especially with our brides, from lollipops filled with edible flowers, to gothic, vintage sailor, to lollipops with images of Mrs Doubtfire.

We are always keen to work on new ideas and push our boundaries.

Our lollipops are the perfect finishing touch at your wedding, they make fabulous flavours, they can double up as place settings, or they can stand proud on your sweetie table. Sugared almonds are a thing of the past, bespoke lollipops are the way forward.


Website: www.willowandboo.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/willowandboo

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/willowandboo/